People with Disabilities

Stay Active Online Hub - for people with disabilities: 


The following information are recommendation of organisations and links  of activities suitable for people with disabilities.

Please note you should always consult with your doctor before beginning  any exercise or physical activity

Longford Sports Partnership - 

The Longford Inclusive Gym Programme was delivered by Longford Sport Inclusion Disability Officer Orla Dempsey and Tutor Lisa Kenny in January 2020 for 6 weeks. We have modified this video which was given to participants to follow at home for people to use. 

There are 8 home exercise are demonstrated by Gym Instructor Lisa and Aislinn in Longford Fitness along with Irish Sign Language Instructions by Fiona from Chime - National Charity for Deafness & Hearing Loss.

😃 Suitable for all ages

✔ Area to work comfortably, weight (dumbbell / water bottle/ cans), chair or wall (to aid your balance)

📆 Twice a week

⏳ 8 exercises

⏱ Complete 10 repetitions of each exercise at your own pace. Once you complete all exercises aim for 3-4 rounds of each. 


You should understand that when participating in any exercise or exercise program, there is the possibility of physical injury. If you engage in this exercise or exercise program, you agree that you do so at your own risk, are voluntarily participating in these activities, assume all risk of injury to yourself, and agree to release and discharge Longford Sports Partnership from any and all claims or causes of action, known or unknown, arising out of participating in the online fitness video

Longford LSP - Inclusive games for children with disabilities

Five Inclusive  games that can be done at home .


booklet-of-fun-inclusive-games-.pdf (size 908.7 KB)

Longford/Roscommon and Westmeath Sports Partnership Joint project.

Resource Booklet and Sports Pack for Children with disabilities. 

Contact any of the three Sports Partnership for your free booklet and Sports Pack ( limited number) and give the Fit from 6 x 10 minutes a day challenge a go . 


Active Disability Ireland 

Active Disability Ireland have developed a number of Home Exercise Workouts to encourage and support any individual to become more active at home. 

Aerobic Circuit 1, Aerobic Circuit 2, Boxercise 1, Boxercise 2, Dance Circuit 1, Dance Circuit 2, Yoga Circuit 1, Yoga Circuit 2 and a Movement Plan.

All details of the programme can be downloaded here: Active Disability Ireland Website

Aerobics Circuit 1 Aerobics Circuit 1 BookletAerobics-Circuit-1.pdf (size 1.8 MB)
Aerobic Circuit 2 Aerobics-Circuit-2Aerobics-Circuit-2.pdf (size 2 MB)
Home Boxercise 1Boxercise-Circuit-1Boxercise-Circuit-1.pdf (size 1.8 MB)
Home Boxercise 2 Boxercise-Circuit-2Boxercise-Circuit-2.pdf (size 1.9 MB)
Dance Circuit 1 Dance-Circuit-1Dance-Circuit-1.pdf (size 2 MB)
Dance Circuit 2Dance-Circuit-2Dance-Circuit-2.pdf (size 1.9 MB)
Yoga - Circuit 1 


Yoga-Circuit-1.pdf (size 1.7 MB)
Yoga - Circuit 2Yoga-Circuit-2Yoga-Circuit-2.pdf (size 1.8 MB)
Movement PlanMovement-PlanMovement-Plan.pdf (size 2.4 MB)

Deaf Sports Ireland : DSI at home


Deaf Sports Ireland have shared a number of videos on Instagram. 

These videos were created by Certified Personal Trainer John Smith and Certified Yoga Instructor Laura O'Grady.  

Click on : Instagram Link


Irish Wheelchair Association 

Aura Holohan Group and IWA teamed up to launch an online home exercise programme to support people with disabilities to stay fit and healthy.

The Aura Holohan Group, which operates over 15 leisure centres and gyms nationwide, is working with Irish Wheelchair Association to design and deliver unique fitness classes that are accessible for wheelchair users, people with limited mobility, and anyone who would benefit from chair-based exercise. 

Workout one

Workout two 
Workout three
Workout Four

National Health Services (UK) - Chair Exercise Workout

An energy-boosting routine for wheelchair users that helps to increase upper body strength and cardiovascular fitness, as well as ease joint stiffness, particularly in the shoulders and chest.


Source: NHS Website

National Council for the Blind  - Working for people with sight loss (Ireland)

#Exercise4Everyone - IONA fitness video

Session One

Session two

Session three

Session four

Session five

Session six

Session seven

Session Eight

Session Nine

Session Ten

Week 6 - Exercise for Everyone 

 National Center on Health, Physical Activity and Disability (NCHPAD) - USA


Founded in 1999, the National Center on Health, Physical Activity and Disability (NCHPAD) is a public health practice and resource center on health promotion for people with disability. NCHPAD seeks to help people with disability and other chronic health conditions achieve health benefits through increased participation in all types of physical and social activities, including fitness and aquatic activities, recreational and sports programs, adaptive equipment usage, and more.

NCHPAD has a fantastic selection of videos to chose from , please consult with your doctor before commencing any exercise or starting a fitness programme.

YouTube Video list

8 Minute Workout

and 38 more videos workout available on:YouTube link

Inclusive Yoga: A Practice for Individuals with a Spinal Cord Injury

Mindfulness Mediation series 

Youtuble play list

Special Olympics Ireland- Together at Home Programme

Special Olympics Ireland released a number of new workout or activity helping you to stay healthy and connected at home. Check out the full schedule here.

All workouts & links are available on the SOI Website: website link

They will provide support and training in four areas:

1.Sports and Fitness

Welcome to School Of Strength

fitness videos link

2. Health Promotion

health promotion link

Recipes , videos and tips on healthy eating 

3. Strong Minds-

Strong Minds link

Look after your mental health with these handy tips from the Special Olympics Strong Minds programme


4.Young Athletes Programme:

This workout was brought to you with the help of Coach Angie, athlete Alfie and his mum Ciara all from Galway Special Olympics Young Athletes Club.

Wheely Good Fitness: 

Wheely Good Fitness - Offering fitness instruction and classes to wheelchair users by Kris Saunders

There are numerous videos available on there YouTube channel : YouTube link

6 weeks of workout