Longford Inclusive Gym Programme

Longford Inclusive Gym Programme: 

The Longford Inclusive Gym programme was developed as part of the Sport Inclusion Disability Officer remit. Eleven participants with various types of disabilities (sensory, vision and intellectual  disabilities) committed to a 6 weeks programme in January 2020 . This consist of a weekly gym class, a home exercise programme and food plan designed and delivered by Tess Gillen in Longford Fitness. 

On the first day all participants were met one to one to go through a health assessment, diet review and measurement were taken. With the support of Fiona from  Chime  (National Charity for Deafness and Hearing Loss) the instructors were able to relay their instructions and message through Fiona who used Irish Sign Language communication.      

All participants were given a detailed and photo handout of the exercise and were sent a video clip with subtitles of the exercises as demonstrated by the gym instructors.  Every week two gym instructors meet all the individual one to one to go through their programmes and measurements .  The weekly inclusive gym programme varied every week from a circuit  , boxing session, spinning bikes etc and exercises were adapted and tailored if necessary for individuals. 

Check out the final video below :