Cycle Right- Disability Module

The Cycle Right Disability Module


The purpose of this module is to introduce participants to the Learn to Cycle process, specifically for individuals with a disability who aim to cycle a two-wheel bicycle.

This five-hour course is was open to CYCLE RIGHT trainers, trainers in other fields, healthcare professionals and others who have an interest in the Learn to Cycle process such as parents , SNAs, coaches etc .

The first part of the day was classroom based session . This learning module is supported by resources at   through the Resources tab under the Cycle with a Disability section and includes modules such as Learn to Cycle and Learn to Cycle Specialized Equipment, as well as a range of other complimentary pieces

The afternoon session consisted of a practical session where participant did a role play type situation where the Learn to Cycle learning was applied .

Check out the video below of the Longford Cycle Right Disability Module