Sport Ireland - Dormant Account Funding 2023

Longford Sports Partnership allocated €183,900 in 2023 Dormant Account Funding Announcement

Sport Ireland announced a significant investment package of €4.86million of Dormant Accounts Funding in Local Sports Partnerships and Active Disability Ireland approved by the Government.

The Dormant Accounts Fund enables unclaimed funds from accounts in credit institutions in Ireland to be utilised to support the development of individuals who are economically or educationally disadvantaged, or those affected by a disability.

This funding will be allocated to a wide range of sport and physical activity measures throughout Ireland. The areas of focus include Youth Leadership, Volunteer Supports, Disability Training, Girls Get Active, Urban Outdoor Adventure Hubs, Active Cities, Community Sports, and Physical Activity Hubs.

Sport Ireland will work in conjunction with Local Sports Partnerships and Active Disability Ireland to deliver these initiatives which will contribute towards the objectives of the National Physical Activity Plan.

Full details on funding are available here.