Stay Active with Nelvin Appiah

High jump and sprint national champion and international athlete, Longford’s Nelvin Appiah tells us about his sport, training and how he managed during the COVID 19 restrictions.


What age did you take up the sport and why?

I took up athletics at 12. I enjoyed the idea of competing alone and training to make yourself better.

When did you first realise you had a special talent in your chosen sport?

I first realised I had a special talent in 3rd year of secondary school when I made an international.

Who has had a big influence on your sport career so far?

Id say the people around me and the people I encounter in life have a big influence on my sporting career.

What is a typical training week for you, number and types of sessions etc.

I train 6 times a week and sometimes twice a day. My sessions include short sprint reps, speed endurance, blocks, hurdles, plyometrics, high jumping, Pilates/yoga and gym.

What is your favourite training workout?

My favourite session would be plyometric sessions as it is very important in my development as an athlete.

What’s your favourite event / competition?

High jump would be my favourite event since it’s easier to get the crowd to interact with you.

What is your most cherished or proudest moment in sport?

Making my first senior cap in the European games in Belarus.

What advice would you give a young sports person who is taking up sport for the first time?

You do not become the best you want to be over night. You must be patient and trust in the process and work for it. Always find ways to make yourself a better athlete.

Most memorable sporting moment ?

A)  In athletics  –   Usain Bolt breaking the world record in the Olympic's

B)  In another sport - Ghana in the World Cup in 2010.

Who is your sporting ‘hero’? (your own sport or other sport) A. Longford - B. Irish - C. International

A-  Longford - Darragh Greene is an inspiration.

B- Irish - Sonia O’Sullivan

C- International - Grant Holloway

What is your next goal?

Become a stronger athlete and keep competing internationally.

How are you motivating yourself to continue training at these difficult times?

Knowing that if I stop I will not be able to do sessions properly and get tired easily.