Stay Active with Cian Mc Philips

National champion, youth and junior national record holder and international middle-distance athlete Longford’s Cian Mc Philips tells us about his sport and training.


What age did you take up your sport and why?


I joined the Longford little athletics when I was 7 because I was into all sports and had nothing else on that night of the week


When did you first realise you had a special talent in your chosen sport?


I won a medal at the local Community Games


Who has had a big influence on your sport career so far?


I’ve been lucky to have always had great coaches training me. I wouldn’t be in the sport if it wasn’t for all the coaches at Longford athletic club especially my Dad and I wouldn’t be competing in major championships today without my current coach Joe Ryan.


What is a typical training week for you?


Mondays are just an easy five-mile run. I always have a session on Tuesdays; in the Winter it could be a long tempo or progression run anything from 3 to 6 miles whilst in the Spring and Summer I would generally do 1k or 1 mile intervals. I do strength and conditioning on Wednesdays with strides and a total rest day on Thursdays. I usually do an easy 6 mile run on Fridays. Saturdays are tough; in the Winter I would do 1k or 1 mile intervals and then in Spring and Summer I’d be on the Track doing much shorter, faster intervals usually between 200 and 800 metres long. Sundays are always a long easy run; 8 or 9 miles. 


What is your favourite training workout?


Even though I find them the hardest, I enjoy the short fast intervals in the Summer. The weather is good, and they don’t take too long


What’s your favourite event / competition?


I enjoy running the 1500m. its long enough that you need to have good endurance and short enough that you must have speed as well. Its tactical, messy and good fun to watch


What is your most cherished or proudest moment in sport?


Crossing the finish line after winning the Milrose Games Highschool Mile and being congratulated by Ray Flynn and Eamon Coughlan on the track


What advice would you give a young sports person who is taking up sport for the first time?


Don’t take it too seriously or train too hard. Make sure you enjoy it and the competitive side of it can come later


Most memorable sporting moment by somebody in your own sport?


I obviously only saw these on Youtube but it would still have to be Eamon Coughlan winning the 5000m in the World Championships, Ray Flynn setting the Irish mile record

In another sport?

Ray Houghton scoring against England in Euro 88


Who is your sporting ‘hero’? (In your own sport or another sport)

Longford – Ray Flynn
Irish – Irish Special Olympics Team
International – The Jamaican bobsleigh team
What is your next goal?


The European Cross-Country Championships is in Dublin this year so I’d like to try and make the Irish team


How are you motivating yourself to continue training at these difficult times?


I enjoy getting out of the house and breaking up the mundanities of the day so It doesn’t take much motivation but I always do my training before lunch so I know that the sooner I do it the sooner I can eat


Thank you, Cian, for giving us an insight into your sport and training.  We are looking forward to seeing you back on for the track and country for Longford AC and Ireland soon and continuing to make all of Longford proud.


Your welcome, I’m happy to be involved and would like to thank everybody that has supported and encouraged me so far in my athletics.

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