Return to Sport and Physical Activity for People with Disabilities

Return to Sport and Physical Activity for People with Disabilities (Sports Ireland and CARA)

(as of 5th August 2020)

Sport Ireland have published a guidance documents to support the return to sport by people with disabilities.

 The documents provide practical guidance and consideration when planning programmes. These documents have been produced with the support of Cara, who conducted extensive consultation within their respective sectors.

Further information on Return to Sport and Physical Activity can be found on the Sport Ireland website

Sport Ireland link for Covid Return to Sport for people with disabilitiesreturn-to-sport

Sport Ireland Covid-19 Return to Sport Phase 3

Online Course  

Section A - General information to support administrators, volunteers, coaches, parents and participants to return to sport in a safe & practical manner.
Section B – Specific information relating to the COVID-19 officer role


Cara in conjunction with the National Disability Sport Organisations recognise the importance of including people with disabilities in sport and physical activity and are asking all sport and physical activity providers to take an approach that is welcoming for everyone.  

To support your planning and programmes, CARA have worked together to provide guidance document called the Return to Sport and Physical Activity for People with Disabilities, An Inclusive Response. They are asking all providers to consider this guidance as part of your ongoing commitment to putting disability sport and inclusive physical activity at the heart of our nation.   

Cara Website and details of this :

List of Guidance Document by CARA.

Return to Sport
and Physical Activity
for People with Disabilities
An Inclusive Response

Guidelines for NGB’s, Sports Clubs, Outdoor Facilities, Education and Physical Activity Providers

Guidelines for Fitness and Leisure ProfessionalsScreen-Shot-2020-07-28-at-11.14.46-768x388
Returning to Sport and Physical Activity:
Considerations for People with Disabilities

Please Note: All activity should be consistent with the government guidance regarding health, social distancing and  hygiene.

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