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Coaching Children Course - February dates

19 Jan 18

The concepts of Physical Literacy and Holistic Development run throughout the series of workshops and will be covered in detail.  The course is 12 contact hours in total, each workshop lasting 3 hours.

Workshop 1:  Coaching Children Successfully in Sport - An introduction for Coaches

Workshop 2:  Child-Centred Coaching - Understanding Child Development & Learning and its impact on how we coach

Workshop 3:  Developing Physical Literacy through Sport 1 - Coaching Children to Move

Workshop 4:  Developing Physical Literacy through Sport 2 - Coaching Children to Think

Expressions of interest are currently being sought please contact Patricia Forde Community Sports Development Officer on 087 1922479


Coaching Children FAQ’s


  1. Is this course for coaches of all sports and of all ages?

    Yes this course is for coaches of all sports; however it is only for coaches who coach children up to 12 years old.

  2. How long does the course last?

    12 hours in total. The course consists of four 3 hour workshops.

  3. How much does the course cost?

    Please call 043 33 49402 to discuss. Subsidies may be applicable.

  4. Do I need to have coaching experience to complete the course?

    Yes, this course is for existing coaches.

  5. Do I need to have completed a coaching course previously to take part in the course?

    Ideally if you are coaching in any particular sport it is recommended that you have completed the level 1 coaching course for your particular sport however to participate in the coaching children course you do not need to have completed other couching courses.

  6. What will I get out of the course?

    Coaching children course will provide participants with a basic understanding of children’s sport and physical activity and ways to maximise children’s enjoyment, participation and outcomes.

  7. Will the course be specific to any sport?

    No, this course is not specific to any sport. All children should have the best possible chance to become physically literate and this course will support the coach to include the development physical literacy amongst the children within their sport.

  8. Why should I avail of this course?

    As a coach you have the opportunity to ensure children enjoy sport, learn new skills and feel more competent. If children have a positive experience in sport they will stay involved in sport throughout their lives and this will have numerous positive effects. Coaches have a huge influence on children’s lives and therefore  are very important!