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Aidan o'Mahony launches fit4all week

1 Mar 17

The fit4all week is a national campaign aimed at increasing awareness among people with disabilities their families & carers and disability services on the benefits of regular exercise, healthy lifestyles and opportunities to participate within the local community.  Fit4all week also aims to increase awareness and build the capacity of leisure & fitness professionals in providing accessible programmes and facilities within their local community.

“Throughout the Fit4All week, we are inviting leisure Centres, fitness facilities, community halls, professional trainers etc. around the country to open up their centres and invite individuals with disabilities to participate in their programmes and to try out everything within their facility” – Brenda O’Donnell, Inclusive Fitness Coordinator Cara Centre

“Our National fit4all Expo, which is a free of charge event, will showcase a wide range of fitness classes, programmes and equipment in a bid to let individuals with disabilities and professionals working in the fitness sector know how easy it is to make inclusive opportunities available within their local centres or facilities. “– Niamh Daffy, Managing Director, Cara Centre

There will be a full schedule of classes throughout the day of the Expo, each highlighting the inclusion of individuals with disabilities, including classes hosted by Kris Saunders Stowe, the Founder of Wheely Good Fitness in the UK. Kris provides unique and modern fitness classes to wheelchair users and to the wider disability community.

The Expo will also pay host to an exhibition of services and products from companies, retailers and vendors working in the fitness sector.  Each exhibitor will be highlighting their product or service with special focus on how it can improve or assist with the inclusion of individuals with a disability into their centre programmes.   

Leisure Centres that are interested in participating in the fit4all week are encouraged to register their centre details at <>  and any individual wishing to take part during the week can check out the list of active centres on our website <>